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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews The Gifted Season 2 Episode 4: outMatched

October 17th, 2018 by Todd Black Comments

Sorry for not having a review last week, it was pretty crazy for me, lot of late nights (quick review: 4/5). Tonight though, I got to watch “outMatched”, and despite a long buildup, it was worth it for the most part.

Following the events of last week, a good follow-up was important. And sure enough, the Mutant Underground was eager to deal a blow to the Inner Circle no matter how small, this led to them trying to figure out what they were doing with a Health Department tap. Turns out, the Inner Circle were staging a breakout at a mental institution. We don’t see who they took, but the scenes both in and out of the institution were great.

Seeing Thunderbird and Blink try and get to Lorna and Andy, all the while Reed and Kate using whatever means at their disposal to get their “hostage” Graph to break into the security feed was pretty good. We’ve seen Kate say that she’ll do just about anything to get Andy back, and tonight, she basically proved it, almost killing Graph for the chance to get Andy back.

And that’s to say nothing of the confrontation between Lauren and Andy. Lauren (like Kate) was convinced she could bring Andy back home. But after this? That’s going to change for sure. And now because of this confrontation, Reed is having even more issues controlling his powers.

Agent Turner’s literal turn for the worse continued with his meeting with a Purifier. Naturally, he wasn’t game at first, but after hearing about the attack on the hospital, he couldn’t join up fast enough. This is actually a problem for me. Because two episodes ago, he gave up on trying to find the underground, yet last episode he was back on the hunt, and now, he’s a Purifier? Really?

Finally, we need to talk about the elephant in the room…Lorna’s hair! How and why did that happen???

In the end, “outMatched” was good. It dragged at places, but the conclusion was worth it, especially since the Inner Circle got who they wanted. What happens next? Bad things for sure.

4 out of 5 nerds


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