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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews The Legends Of Tomorrow Season 4 Finale!

May 21st, 2019 by Todd Black Comments

…ok, apparently a musical number WILL solve most of our problems. I’ll admit, coming into “Hey, World!” tonight I was dreading what the finale might be like. I was not a fan of many of the plot lines of this back half of the season, and I was hoping that they would focus on the RIGHT ones by the end. Thankfully, I was rewarded for my patience because this was yet another good season finale from the DC Comics line.

Turns out, Neron’s plan wasn’t just to get souls via his app (though that definitely was a bonus to the job), but rather, to use the app to spark fear around the world, with that, him and Tabitha could open a gate to the underworld and release all the condemned souls that were in there. Kind of brilliant when you think about it. And sure enough, the hateful side of humanity didn’t fail to live up to expectations and caused worldwide panic.

So, what were the Legends to do? Simple, start a theme park! No, really. This was the part I was worried about, but honestly, it all made sense in the end. Using the lure of a theme park to bring people together and show what people were missing with the magical creatures is pretty cool. Not unlike how a zoo can show you that not all animals are as scary as depicted. The team using the Arrowverse Trinity (they said Trinity!) to bring them in was a nice touch too.

Granted, not everything went to plan, and I wish that more acts were shown before the dragon attack (GOT reference, “BURN THEM ALL!”), but it worked out in the end.

Meanwhile, Constantine and Nora going to the underworld and finding Ray’s soul was a hilarious adventure. And again makes me wish we spent more time down there to learn about all that goes on. The reveal that Ray had somehow turned VANDAL SAVAGE into his friend was a surprise I never saw coming. Oh Ray…never change.

I also appreciate the team continuing the Constantine series storyline with Astra, as apparently she’ll be one of the big bads next year, which of course will cause problems for John.

Nate sacrificing himself to save everyone was very tragic, and then everyone coming together to use love and hope (I kid you not) to bring him back via match was very Legends of Tomorrow. And apparently, this event reset Zari’s timeline so that she didn’t get the future where she lost everything! And Young Zari got her dragon to eat Tabitha! Everybody wins…well, more or less.

Again, this episode was better than expected, which makes me happy. But, there were a few oddities. First and foremost, the “Trinity” refusing to help out when the threat of the underworld rising was evident? Yeah, I don’t think that’s very heroic. Also, while I loved the inclusion of the Monitor being at the show…why was he at the show? The Legends WILL be in Crisis on Infinite Earths, but I wish the Monitor got more involved in guiding them down there path instead of just eating popcorn.

Finally, while I am happy that Zari got a happier life, it just makes me wish that her love story with Nate didn’t happen. Because now she’s gone, and Nate is alone…again.

Even with all that, “Hey, World!” was a very fun end to the season, and I look forward to the show’s return.

4.5 out of 5 nerds

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