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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews The Gifted Season 2 Episode 14: calaMity

February 13th, 2019 by Todd Black Comments

Well crap. That just happened, didn’t it? While The Gifted can sometimes be very slow and plodding with its overall plotline, it sometimes dials everything up to 11 with grand effect, and “calaMity” did exactly that.

Reeva made one of her biggest plays yet, using Benedict Ryan to give the Purifiers the kill order. Not on the Mutant Underground though, but on the Morlocks. First off, seeing how Ryan went from no-name radio host to the most powerful man on TV was pretty impactful, especially being that Reeva was the one who helped him “sell” himself. And to take out the Morlocks was bold, especially since they were very much a “3rd party”, not wanting to take sides on anything Mutant and human-related.

Jace’s growing disillusionment with his Purifier pals is growing, but him rallying them against the Morlocks was good, as the Purifiers did need this victory no doubt.

And now that the Morlocks are uprooted, you have to wonder what comes next. Will they unite and make the new Mutant Underground? Will this just shatter all hopes for Mutant life without violence? And of course…with Clarice 99% likely to be dead…how the heck will John handle this? Based on the previews…not well.

The Inner Circle had to deal with the death of one of their own, and Polaris could feel the walls closing in on her, but this too had an unexpected death. Not of her, but of Sage. Lorna’s distraught overhearing her friend was dead because of her was heartbreaking. And you can’t help but wonder how she’ll react going forward as well.

The Struckers had their own issues too, Lorna wasn’t getting better, Kate wasn’t happy Reed was hiding things from her again, and they’re running out of serum to save them both. The decision to go full X-Gene was an intriguing one, and I hope it leads to something special.

There are a lot of questions heading into the finale, and not the least of which is will Genosha be shown before the end? Or is Reeva truly planning something different? Either way, there’s a lot of moving pieces that need to land before this season is over.

4.5 out of 5 nerds


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