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What does the new Game of Thrones image tell us?

November 24th, 2015 by Jonathan Snelling Comments

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A promo image from HBO has been released for Game of Thrones Season 6 as we reported earlier today.

The image focuses on the character of Jon Snow with just the word ‘April’. Now what does this actually mean? Well the Image shows Jon Snow, apparently alive, and with blood on his face. Not much I know but it means a great deal.

Now when last we saw Jon he was being stabbed rapidly by the members of the Nights Watch. Whether he survived or not is the most important thing here. If he did survive, and it was several stab wounds so it’s unlikely, it means that officially he is still the Lord Commander of the Nights Watch and has a decision to deal with. Does he kill all who mutinied or does he change his ways and go under their way of thinking. Both would be terrible to see.

If he didn’t survive the stabbing then that gives another more intriguing tale. Officially his oath to the nights watch ends at his death and there is no denying that he is most likely dead after season 5. However, we have known since season 3, and far longer in the books, that resurrection is possible, be it by White Walker means or The Red God’s blessing. It’s unlikely he was resurrected by the white walkers but still possible. If this is the case then he will spend season 6 as a mindless zombie, which wont be eventful at all.

However, if he were to gain the Red God’s blessing then things could be different. Melisandre recently returned to the wall and she has previously seen the powers of resurrection with Beric Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr. If she were to achieve this same effect with Jon Snow then it means a great deal. Firstly he would be alive, yay but mainly he is no longer connected with the wall. He is the first and only man to have legitimately ended his watch and walked away alive. What does this mean? Well it’s simple. He no longer has this title and all the problems that come with it as a burden. He is a free man.

So where will he go? It’s likely that Thormund will allow him to live with the wildlings and push for the new life in the North.

Importantly though the now free Jon Snow is still officially the illegitimate heir to the Northern ‘throne’. As he no longer has the burden of the Nights Watch at his back the Northerners loyal to house Stark, which from what I can work out is still House Umber, House Mormont and a few other smaller northern houses, are likely to flock to his name. There have been rumours of a great battle in the north in season 6 and it is likely Jon Snow is going to lead this charge. Well if all of this is right anyway.

What is also likely to happen is that Melisandre is likely to stay around, along with Ser Davos, both there to help Jon. They were practically put in the same place to prove this fact. Ser Davos is of course the very skilled general who previously served Stannis and we all know what Melisandre did. This also links Jon Snow more and more with the Red God, and the R’hollor religion. The devil of R’hollor is known simply as The Greater Other, a god of ice and death. Wait we’ve seen him haven’t we?


It’s all starting to click now isn’t it.

Well there is a prophecy of R’hllor (the religion of the Red God), that Azor Ahai will return, wielding a sword of fire, Lightbringer, the Red Sword of Heroes and resurrect the dragon in the stone and finally save the world. The Song of Ice and Fire = the song of the Red God and The Greater Other. This could mean that Jon Snow is the famed Azor Ahai, and is set to defeat the King of Winter.

Whatever happens it is certainly no lie that Jon Snow being alive, however he did it, has some massive implications for the story and season 6 as a whole. Regrettably however we will have to wait.

There is one thing that we have forgotten. Game of Thrones and HBO could easily be trolling us all. The producers have repeatedly said time and time again that Jon Snow is dead. Never have they said he wasn’t coming back though but we should all wait and see.

Game of Thrones season 6 will be released in April next year.

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