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Final Fantasy VII trailer drops and OMG!

September 25th, 2019 by Geralt of Australia Comments

Square Enix are one of the top game developers in my opinion with the Final Fantasy series being their flagship.

Even if you haven’t played one of their many games, the odds are that you’ve seen one of their animated movies like Advent Children.

Well, now the Final Fantasy VII remake is looking like their most extensive project yet with this being the first game in PS4 history to be split into two parts with the first half being released next year and the second part yet to be announced, this being said, with the latest trailer release we can see why.

Straight away, we can see that we’re as far away from the original graphics as possible compared to the original on PS1, we’re finally at the point where our games are looking as good as the animated movies created from them. Backgrounds that blend seamlessly with the foreground using vibrant colors that compliment the characters and story-line.

Taking a deeper look into the new combat system we get to see Cloud kicking ass and he’s not the one one with other characters jumping in too, so I’m not too sure on how the character change will work whether it will be you’re going to have a team running around with you and there’s a button you use to change characters, or if it will be that you play as certain characters until you get to a point in the game where they join together, but with so much of the combat changed I wouldn’t be too quick to say for sure which one will be used since there’s no cut scene going into a battle anymore.

With the ultimate upgrade to the graphics and the completely remodeled combat system it’s easy to see why the first part of the game has to be kept in Midgar just for the sheer scale of what Square Enix are trying to attempt here and I can’t want to get my hands on it when part one is released March 3rd 2020.

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