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Fun Games to Play to Kill Time

February 2nd, 2017 by Irwin Fletcher Comments


Being stuck in a place for any length of time is boring whether you are on a road trip or delayed at an airport not being able to move can cause time to slow down.

I personally love casino games! My Swedish friend recommended online casino kung the popular It is basically a comparison website for hundreds of online casinos that offer free mobile games that you can play for free with demo player (not real money is needed).

This enforced ‘stay right where you are’ time can actually be made far more enjoyable if you have a smartphone. For gamers there is nothing quite like the iPhone and its App Store. With in excess of a million apps available the game options are almost limitless, but which games to choose?

There really is something for everyone on the App Store, and the list below covers a few of the best in different genres.

Action and Sports Games

  • Real Boxing is Free to download. You can create your own boxer and begin to move through the ranks. With excellent controls and visuals provided by the Unreal Engine this game is one of the best of its kind.
  • Still playing well, Horizon Chase is Free to Download. This nostalgia inducing racer game enjoys a number of modern elements which are also great fun and highly addictive.
  • PinOut is free to download and has made the transition over to the mobile arena really well. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a simple game as there are numerous special features that will have you pulling out your hair.

Adventure Games

  • The Walking Dead is free to download and although it is set in the same time as the show the game is more about exploration, characters and problem solving. There is also some random zombie bashing included.
  • If you don’t mind paying a small fee then you could do far worse than downloading Botanicula. This unique game has you working to save a tree from infestations of evil parasites. You play the character of an ethereal, bug-like thingy. With great music and clever puzzles to solve this is a great visual game and well worth its fee.
  • Limbo is also pay to play app. This touch-controlled platform follows the adventures of a boy who is wandering through a haunting, industrial type of jungle. Be prepared to be surprised.

Puzzle Games

  • For a small fee try Prune. Prune is a highly addictive game where you have to trim your tree in all the right places so that it will grow and then flower. Of course you have to battle with the elements to do so.
  • Almost free to download The Room Three has you solving a series of multi-layered puzzles in order to discover the truth. The puzzles are elegantly set in environments which are luxurious and full of curiosities to explore.
  • Spell Tower is the game for lovers of scrabble and boggle. Words are formed and then disappear which causes the rest of the tiles to cascade down.

Role-Playing Games

  • A Dark Room is text based and jam-packed full of mysteries and puzzles to solve. Keep collecting that fire wood though, you don’t want the fire going out in the night….
  • A little odd but again who has never thought what it would feel like to live as a goat? Well Goat Simulator allows you to explore all the goat-ness you might have. Wreck havoc and use that headbutt wherever you can.
  • Kings League was a former favourite with flash players and has moved over to the mobile with ease. As you level up you are allowed to control different classes, like lancers. Once you level up your own facilities you will then be able to explore vast dungeons.

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