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Is there a sequel to Arkham Origins in the pipeline? UPDATE: Is this a leaked image and is it a Superman Game?

July 5th, 2015 by James Campbell Comments

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With Arkham Knight getting a great deal of praise from multiple outlets, it only makes sense that Warner Bros would start making plans to develop a sequel of some kind.

Now,WB Games Montreal, the developers of Batman: Arkham Origins, are currently working on a game for next generation consoles. This has led many to believe that this game they are developing will be a sequel to their own Arkham game.

Personally, I hope this is not the case. I bought a copy of Arkham Origins a few years back and found the game to be riddled with bugs, which did not make for an enjoyable gaming experience. To top this, Warner Bros never truly fixed these problems, electing instead to focus on making and selling DLC for a game that was still in a broken state… and yes, I am bitter.

With all of this being said, there has been no official confirmation as to what this game is, though if it is an Arkham game, I can’t say I will be overly excited.

Source: Arkhamverse

UPDATE: VGFGamers have tweeted the image below, claiming it’s a leaked image for the in-development project. We’re not entiely convinced. Are you?


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