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Mobile Gaming, is it better than you expect?

October 9th, 2019 by Geralt of Australia Comments

Mobile gaming is nothing new, twenty years ago we got the original Snake on our Nokia’s along with Space Impact, well mobile gaming has come a long way since then with companies like Razor creating mobile phones, and Nintendo and Square Enix creating the content.

So, while there is a lot of fun to be had with all the new video slot games, with all these big companies making the move to mobile gaming, let’s take a look at some of the best free to play games to come out in recent years.

Pokemon Go, Nintendo and Niantic’s flagship game that literally brought the world together, if only for a few months. If you’re one of the twenty people that hasn’t played this for whatever reason, you missed out on one of the the biggest world wide sensation that I’ve ever seen. Now yes, granted that Niantic have been accused of doing some questionable things with peoples personal data, that still doesn’t take away from just how good this game is, with constant updates and new generations coming out, Pokemon Go has constantly performed and kept things fresh. 7/10 Goldblums.

Keeping with Nintendo we move onto something that came out recently, Mario Kart Mobile. They really hit the nail on the head with this one, combining mobile slide controls with smooth and seamless graphics is hard to do when you have eight racers spiraling around a track. This combines some of the greatest courses, including the legendary Yoshi’s Island, with basically every character, kart and glider for you to collect and race. You can earn coins by either racing, or completing week long tournaments where you try to get the best score for the specific cup, these can be used along with premium currency to buy new characters and karts, but everything can be earned from just playing the game. Definitely worth a try if you’re currently looking for something new to play. 9/10 Goldblums.

From Bandai Namco comes One Piece Bountry Rush. We see a lot of these hold the area games but not all too many on mobile, One Piece has to be in the top four anime’s world wide, right up there with Naruto, Bleach and Dragon Ball, so when i real mobile combat game was released I was quite excited to check it out. Name a character, any character and odds are they’re in the game, even young Helmeppo. Once you get through the basics you can start to summon your characters to go into battle, I ended up with two four star characters, Smoker and Mihawk, not some bad ones to start with I reckon. Combos need some work and the loading could be a little better (I may just need a better phone) but it’s head over heels better than 90% of the combat games currently out on mobile. 6/10 Goldblums.

Moving on, finally we have the game that just days ago made millions of people cry with happiness, Call of Duty Mobile. Although it comes a little late with PUBG mobile being out for quite a while now, this brings a different style of gameplay  bringing a classic FPS to mobile.

With the some of the best maps, character and load-outs from previous games you can relive your younger years and pop someone in the head from your favorite spot while you’re at work. With PVP, Team Deathmatch, and various other game modes, COD mobile successfully combines what we love about the original,  with the ease and simplicity of mobile gaming. With how new it is there’s still some kinks that need to be worked out like the currency, but it could be a lot worse. 6/10 Goldblums.

So, while we can’t all be doing what we want wherever we want, like playing slot machines in canada, with the sheer volume of content being released on mobile, it’s no surprise that we’re starting to see an influx of major gaming companies making the jump to mobile games. Could the move to mobile be the next big thing in gaming or will it fizzle out and be replaced with portable consoles like the Nintendo Switch?

We’ll leave you to decide.

Until then, stay nerdy.

Other honorable mentions include: Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, Marvel Future Fight, Fallout Shelter, DC’s Injustice and FIFA Soccer.

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