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Sony reveals PlayStation 5 controller, the DualSense

April 10th, 2020 by Geralt of Australia Comments

With the PlayStation 5 due to be released end of the year (hopefully) Sony has released details – and images – of the next gen controller titled the DualSense.

When the PlayStation 4 was released back in 2013 the DualShock 4 control was the best on the market, and the DualSense proves to do the same again with new features that will allow a more immersive gaming experience.

The first thing that you’ll notice is that this is the first controller Sony have done that doesn’t stick with just the one color. The two tone is something that I personally love the look of and I wonder if this style will also be present in the console itself? Another cosmetic look is that the light-bars on the touchpad have been moved to the sides rather than on top and below, making it stand out more.

Moving on to some of the new features, first up you might notice that that share button is gone, instead a new “Create” button has been added, this along with the new features I’m sure we’ll see on the console will allow gamers to create new and better content to share. (Continues after pic)

However, the most exciting feature for me is one that you can’t see, the new adaptive triggers are something that I’ve been wanting for a long time in gaming now. This means that, depending on the game you’re playing, the trigger could give a little bit of push back. We can expect to see this on driving games when driving on dirt or gravel and in combat games like Horizon Zero Dawn when drawing back on the bow the trigger will feel that and get stiff when the string starts to fully extend. The triggers themselves have also been move back slightly for a more ergonomic gameplay experience.

DualSense also features a built in microphone so it no longer matters if you have a headset or not. This feature I’d use for games that have a speech feature that activates when you get close to another player, but for longer gaming sessions and games where you always need to be in touch with your team you can sill use your headset as the controller still features the jack at the bottom.

Not only do we have this amazing new controller but Sony have also announced they will be revealing the new console in a matter of months, so keep your eyes and ears open as we bring you all the news on this next generation of consoles.

Stay nerdy folks, and stay safe.

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