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Sony to limit PlayStation 5 console sales

April 20th, 2020 by Geralt of Australia Comments


Sony will only be releasing a limited number of PlayStation 5 units during its official release.

Assembly partners have been informed that there are only 5-6 million consoles produced during the first fiscal year, ending in March 2021. This is a significant drop considering there were 7.5 million PlayStation 4s sold in the first quarter.

There could be a few reasons for this, the most likely being a cost issue. Due to the tech that Sony are using to build these new consoles it will hold a much higher price tag than its predecessors. With PlayStation 4 on release costing $399 USD the new and improved PlayStation 5 will be in the range of $499-$549 USD.

With this is mind, my theory is that Sony actually can’t afford to make more consoles and have to sell at a higher price in order to make more. This could quite easily backfire if it doesn’t have the games on release to go with it, such as a new Elder Scrolls.

There is a slight bright side in all this though. For those who don’t currently own a PS4 we could see a significant price drop on the PS5’s release. PS4 currently sells for between $250-$400 depending on which one it is. I predict that these could come down by around $100 to get more people onto the PlayStation Plus service, along with PlayStation’s new streaming service PlayStation now. If Sony can get customers hooked on these products then they may be more willing to pay the exorbitant cost of the PS5.

With the PlayStation 5 still on track to release end of this year we should have more details for you within the upcoming months. In the meantime folks stay safe and stay nerdy.

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