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The main differences of ‘Halloween Terror – Overwatch’ from an ordinary ‘Overwatch.’

November 18th, 2017 by Marc Comments

In the spirit of Halloween spookiness, this year’s celebration saw some game developers add temporary twists to their game lead heroes, develop new themes and introduce new contenders into the game’s storyline. We are going to look at one of such online games.

Overwatch is a multi-person, team-oriented game that was first released in 2016. With a futuristic timeline set some sixty-something years from now, the storyline portrays a conflict between robots and humans being kept in check by a team which bears the game’s name. The online game boasts some 35 million registered players and features different characters and heroes who act in different capacities; defense, offense, support and the ones who lead the charge.

Having released a ‘Summer” version earlier in August, Blizzard Ent. decided to create its first try out for the spooky season, ‘Halloween Terror 2017’. While it is quite expected that this particular seasonal event will boast of a darker theme, there are other differences we would like to look at.

For one, the Loot Box has a new makeover – an awesomely creepy pumpkin head with an evil, fiery smile that has even mastered a disappearance trick in a puff of smoke, as opposed to the Loot Box used in ‘the Uprising’ which has a semblance to a blue tightly-packed cube-shaped cooler full of mystery. Of course, it serves as a needful reminder to the player that those treasure-packed pumpkins are not there for the popcorn and he should grab them as quickly as possible.

Then we take a look at the skins. According to the inventory of Outwatch, skins are basically make-up kits for the characters that come fully equipped with color themes, attire makeovers and even some extra speech lines thrown into the game to spice the experience up. This particular event boasts of about 20 newly added skins for certain Overwatch characters. The offense-programmed McCree, as a point of example, got a Van Helsing skin added to his profile. The original Overwatch game has about 321 non-default skins that are available in the game. Another skin known as the Ghoul was designed for the support-programmed character Ana, where she is seen wearing a ‘ghoulish’ mask with a creepy, pumpkin-like smile. It is also important to note that these skins belong to the legendary skins category; these group of skins can get unlocked only during certain events. The Ghoul and Van Helsing skins are designed to be unlocked during the Halloween event. Probably a little essay writing help uk could offer an in-depth description of the dark-colored themes used in the skins.

Then we take a look at available highlight intros for some characters. Defence character Mei gets frozen in her own scream after being frightened by a… silly little ghost. Roadhog looks like Frankenstein’s alter ego and Genji puts his dragon-blade carving skills on display to create an evil pumpkin with a crooked smile.

According to Overwatch news, Junkenstein’s revenge makes a comeback in the thriller comic books this season. It also makes a grand entrance in the game with the Endless Night mode. The ordinary Overwatch game, on the other hand, has the well-known practice, quick range, and arcade modes. The arcade mode is especially interesting as it offers the chance of playing with mystery contenders.

There were no visible samples of new weapons in the Halloween version of the game, although we might have missed them probably. At the same time, the available weapons have been preserved and exhibit only slight changes in sync with the character’s skin switch.

Currently, there are 25 characters or ‘heroes’ as they are described on the site and 20 maps that offer special conditions useful in aiding the defeat of an enemy team. Each team is composed of six heroes, and players can choose what characters they want to use to achieve game objectives.

The Halloween event for this year has brought some pretty cool modifications for the game heroes. Hopefully, in 2018, we would be able to point out a whole new set of peculiarities. For a project barely a year old since its release, we feel Overwatch is doing pretty well, and we see tangible potential that would encourage anyone to keep their fingers crossed in anticipation for what Blizzard has for 2018.

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