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When games influence Comics

January 16th, 2017 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

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When we talk about the relationship between comic book characters and online gaming, it is usually the former that influences the latter. After all, we have seen the emergence of themed games in recent times, as brands look to characterise their titles and create surrounding narratives that have a greater affinity with popular culture.

We are currently seeing a slight reversal of this trend, however, with comic book giants such as Marvel and DC creating new slots characters available at popular casinos online, see for instance a nice selection of slots games here: online slots. This creates a fluid and interactive market, which combines and draws inspiration from separate areas of pop culture.

While Marvel and DC may be the trailblazing leaders who have forged this link between comic books and online gaming, there are other independent creators who are following suit. Take the five CCS graduates who have created the thrilling ‘Bingo Baby’ comic strip, which explores various aspects of modern society and features the game prominently. Some of the main characters and narrative revolve around bingo, featuring contemporary gameplay and duelling venues that are crammed full of gnarled, hard-core players.

This is the perfect embodiment of the prevailing, modern-day trend, with bingo and comic books fast becoming synonymous with one another. You cannot access an online casino platform without being exposed to a huge range of superhero, comic book- themed casino titles, for example, while writers are also increasingly keen to integrate the popular elements into their narratives and characters from the outset. This trend is likely to continue and gather further momentum in the future, as readers and players become accustomed to the relationship between the two.

This is part of a wider trend, where the flexible nature of on and offline media is continuing to offer greater opportunity to creatives. This is particularly prominent in the age of online gaming, where developers are constantly blurring the boundaries between different aspects of popular culture.

Such evolution is infectious too, with writers and creative individuals in other fields having also been encouraged to break new ground and incorporate gaming elements into their work. This has already created a progressive and exciting entertainment industry, where consumers can enjoy a diverse experience that includes more of their favourite stories, characters and pastimes.

This is a key trend for the future, as we approach a time where entertainment is completely fluid and accessible through devices such as the Apple iPad. For now, however, we can expect the relationship between comic books and gaming to fortify as the scope for collaboration grow even wider.

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