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Will online gaming eclipse normal gaming?

March 16th, 2016 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

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Video gaming is often known as being something of a solitary affair carried out by loners in their dankly-lit bedrooms. But thanks to the online gaming revolution even the most lonely bedroom has been transformed into a multimedia global gaming universe that can facilitate advanced battle arena games and even provide a virtual trip to the casino.

It was with the arrival of broadband technologies that the online gaming environment really took off with many gamers suddenly losing years of their lives to games like World of Warcraft. This hugely influential game ushered in the era of massively multiplayer online role-playing games that allowed players to create their own avatar to compete against other players and non-player characters in a fantasy world.

Following on from this, a wave of battle arena games such as League of Legends were released that provided gamers with whole new ways to wreak destruction on their opposing players’ teams. Games like this and Dota 2 swiftly emerged as being particularly well-suited to the growing competitive gaming scene where the online gaming environment lent itself to becoming a huge spectator sport.

However, it’s not just the fantasy battle games that have gained a healthy live tournament following as even traditional casino games have been given a competitive gaming future. Thanks to events like the LadyLucks Roulette Masters Tourney, prospective gamers can click here to find out about the rules and enter the lucrative online gaming domain where big prizes can be won at just the click of a button.

The endless possibilities offered by the online gaming arena have provided some pretty interesting futures for some unlikely eSports games. However the rise of Guitar Hero online tournaments make sense given the weird popularity of air guitar competitions, and although Nintendo have shown reluctance to fully embrace the new online gaming world, it’s hoped that their forthcoming Nintendo NX device could offer some surprising new online possibilities.

The ever-inventive Rockstar Games certainly illustrated how much fun online gaming could be when they recently unveiled the online version of Grand Theft Auto V that allowed four players to team up to carry out a particularly challenging series of heists.

Unfortunately the games developer has yet to announce any plans for any more of these endlessly-enjoyable heists, but with online casino games and battle arena massacres gaining ever-increasing popularity, it looks like the online gaming revolution is showing no signs of going away.

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