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Marvel announces Avengers A.I.

March 30th, 2013 by Edwin Torres Jr Comments

Marvel always said Brian Michael Bendis’ Age of Ultron event was going to have real lasting repercussions on the MU, and USA Today has announced the first series to evolve out of the mass-murdering android’s reign of terror: Avengers A.I., a new ongoing series launching in July from writer Sam Humphries and artist Andre Lima Araujo

“It’s a Pandora’s Box situation – once you fire that bullet out of the gun, you can never put it back,” Humphries says. “The Marvel Universe within the blink of an eye is being colonized by A.I.s who may or may not have positive feelings about the way humanity has been treating them for the past 100 years.” said writer Sam Humphries of the new series. The book features a who’s who of robotic characters: the Vision, Ultron’s son and former Runaway Victor Mancha, a new character named Alexis and a Doombot captured during Civil war and imprisoned by the Avengers. Ultron’s creator Hank Pym and Monica Chang an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. will be joining them.

Seems Marvel wants to give Vision a piece of the spotlight (Maybe we’ll see him in Avengers 2):

“He comes back after having transformed himself, after upgrading himself, and now that he is in the age of artificial intelligence in the Marvel Universe, he has a new role to play,” Humphries explains. “He’s not just a bridge between humanity and A.I. but he is a leader. All of a sudden, he’s not just the robot in the room — he’s an A.I. in a world of A.I. and humans.”

The team will face off against a new villain named Dimitirious, who is rallying the A.I.s who feels humanity is squandering the potential of intelligent life on Earth. Avengers A.I. looks to be filled with heavy concepts and moral ambiguities, but Humphries also promises adventure:

“Artificial intelligences are a product of human ingenuity, and although they are going to be going down their new path, they will remain a mirror to humanity,” Humphries said “Understanding that and exploring that in ways that are going to be funny and touching and endearing are definitely going to be parts of this book.”

I have to say I’m liking the Age of Ultron, I’m a sucker for Apocalyptic futures, but I was unconvinced of lasting changes to the MU. I mean after every event there’s always a “fix” right? But this new books seems cool. I especially like that Pym and Vision are involved, there’s all sorts of “family” drama there. Victor, Ultron’s son who was raised to infiltrate and betray the Avengers, is a nice addition. What’s his real destiny? Monica’s motives are known only to her and Alexis is in one of the most advanced robot bodies on Earth. The Doombot sounds interesting as well. Pym builds him a new body and grants him his freedom. He’s not completely free though. Pym has a micro black hole implanted on his chest that will eliminate him permanently if he decides to pursue evil. That’s some probation huh?

“He’s still Doom, he’s got all the ambitions and drive and delusions of grandeur and sense of superiority of Doctor Doom, but he doesn’t have a kingdom or an empire or the means and resources. This is like a window onto a young Doctor Doom — a Doom who has to scratch and claw his way to the top.” Humphries says.

A final thought by Humphries:

“I could not be more psyched to be ushering the Avengers and the Marvel Universe into the Age of A.I.” said Humphries. “This book is future shock crashing into the world outside your window. Once the A.I.s are unleashed, there is no turning back. Even the phone in your pocket could be a threat against humanity. It’s an exciting and dangerous new era for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.”

Any thoughts on this title?


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