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Big plans announced for The Walking Dead comic’s 10th anniversary

July 3rd, 2013 by Christopher Williams Comments

There’s some huge The Walking Dead news coming on the heels of the Image Expo. Robert Kirkman himself, TWD creator and Image Comics partner, laid it all out for guests.

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of The Walking Dead Kirkman announced a special 12-issue story arc “All-Out War”, starting with issue #115. There will also be 10 variant covers to go along with the arc. The part that I am most excited about however is the fact that during this story arc, issues #115-126, the book will ship bi-weekly starting October 9th. That’s right people, twice The Walking Dead very month for 12 issues!

Also to be released that month is The Walking Dead #1 in color for the first time ever. Award-winning colorist extraordinaire Dave Stewart will giving a new vividness to Tony Moore’s art in the classic first issue with art.

Fans of Tyreese will be happy to see the favorite character get his moment in October as well, with the release of The Walking Dead TYREESE SPECIAL, which reprints his first appearance in THE WALKING DEAD #7 and his origin story that originally appeared in THE WALKING DEAD: FREE COMIC BOOK DAY SPECIAL.

Also THE WALKING DEAD readers will be able to choose their side in “All-Out War” with T-shirts that announces their allegiance to Rick Grimes’ “Survivors,” Jesus’s “Hilltop,” Negan’s “Saviors,” or Ezekiel’s “Kingdom” factions.


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