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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Guardians #0

December 18th, 2013 by Jake Tanner 1 Comment

Written by Todd Black

Art by Chua Eng Chee

Colors by Alex Garcia

Published by Black Magic Wolf Productions

In the superhero genre there’s always an origin story. In that origin story there’s always some life-altering event that shows us why our heroes have the ability and resolve to dedicate their lives to fighting crime; but what if there was no real origin? What if the heroes in question were put here for the sole purpose of protecting the innocent? Such is the case for Guardians #0. We’re given the closest thing to an origin that our heroes, Element and Chaos, will need. These two badasses were sent from the Heavens to protect Delta City and that’s all they know how to do. So many books in the genre are as much about heroes dealing with their personal/alter-ego lives as much as their time behind the mask; in a sense, Guardians is no different. The real difference comes when we see that they don’t have personal lives; that’s what they’re dealing with. They’ve been given infinite knowledge of their powers and their mission but have absolutely no people skills. Instead of living an alternative life when they aren’t being heroes, they sit atop The Perch just waiting for things to go bad.

Todd Black is really on to something with the idea behind Guardians. I’m excited to see how the duo is going to deal with facing their first super villain, but I’m even more excited to see how they deal with being so different from everyone else as individuals. Black made a point to show us in #0 that these two heroes couldn’t be more different from each other and I love that. Seeing the duality between the two did a lot to show us that they have personality. Had he not done this, to me, Element and Chaos would’ve been cool heroes, but entirely forgettable. I’m excited to see what kind of villains (and their back stories) Black is going to pit against the Guardians because there are some really cool possibilities headed our way!

Chua Eng Chee and Alex Garcia’s art is beautiful. I can’t wait to see what they’re going to bring us when some bigger scale fights when the heroes really show us what their powers can do. For now though, with issue #0, the true brilliance is the attention to detail. When we look at Delta City, I can’t help but be impressed at how intricate the buildings in the city are. If that wasn’t enough, each panel is chalked full of the little details that make a huge impact. There’s a scene in a cemetery that shows some stone angels crying. Earlier in the book we were shown the same type of angels as a symbol of hope. This type of duality is all over the book and it’s absolutely brilliant that it isn’t just limited to the text.

Guardians #0 is available on Comixology right now. ( It’s definitely worth your time to look in to because Black and his team have the opportunity to do something that could end up being a lot of fun to be a part of.  It’s a great exploration into the different personalities of heroes and why they do what they do. If you need more information on the series, visit their Facebook page at and see what they have to offer! It’s $2.99 on Comixology and is something to check out! For that I have to give it


4 out of 5 nerds


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