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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Miss Fury #7

November 15th, 2013 by Spin Dash Comments

Writer: Rob Williams

Artist: Jack Herbert

Publisher: Dynamite Comics

Oh Miss Fury how you entertain me so!

There are very few books that can be exceptionally great each and every issue. Most of the time they have a few good ones then hit a slump for a bit before they pick themselves back up. Now I am hoping I am not jinxing anything but that has not happened with Miss Fury. Entering into its 7th issue, this title just keeps getting better and better with each outing and for good reason.


Stranded in a timeline that is not her own and discovering that there is another “her” in this time, Marla Drake decides to follow her parallel self and see what she is about. What we get is her alter-self killing Nazi’s (especially the ones that were responsible for her time travel adventures in the first arc), killing cops, stealing priceless artifacts (she doesn’t see a problem with the theft, but killing cops is another story), and engaging in a satanic blood orgy.

Yes I said it, right here in an FTN review I said SATANIC BLOOD ORGY!

All this is only made worse by the untimely (time pun) arrival of someone from Marla’s past, present and future.

Once again Rob Williams has done a fantastic job in telling the story of this character. For a female protagonist who has been around in comics since the 30’s who has not had as much prominence as most of the heroines from that time, it is reassuring that to this day she can be made relevant and a total bad ass. Her narration for the antics of her alter self are witty and enjoyable and at times she agrees with what she is doing so there is a deep inner battle going on to what she perceives as wrong and right. This is fantastic character development which is something I feel is lacking in most comics nowadays. This Miss Fury has always towed the line between hero and villain and maybe this outing will cement her on one side or the other.

Need I go into detail on the art by Herbert? It’s amazing as always, he is a master in every sense of the word and this issue is no exception. His art mixed with the colors of Ivan Nunes is a combination I would love to see in more books.

I have said it before that Dynamite is becoming a major player in the comic book world and this is one of the books that are making that possible.

So from Spin to you I give this book a timely

4.5 out of 5 nerds


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