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COMIC SPOTLIGHT: Unit 44 Kickstarter

August 20th, 2013 by Jake Tanner Comments

– Wes Locher (Creator/Writer/Letterer) – also writing the upcoming 215 Ink title NEW LIFE

– Eduardo Jimenez (Pencils/Inks/Colors).

Independent comics are the lifeblood of our community. They’re where new talent is discovered and they’re where creators make something special. A comic that embodies both of those things is Unit #44. The book starts with two government agents, Gibson and Hatch. The government has pack all of its super secret bunkers to the gills with secrets, so they’ve started storing items in the next best thing…a storage unit of course! Things go completely wrong when they forget to pay the rent, and in true Storage Wars style, the unit (and it’s contents) is sold to the highest bidder!

I’ve had the privilege of checking out the first few pages from this book and I’ll have to admit…I’m impressed. The premise of the book seems like it would be a national disaster. Two special agents have a slight miscommunication and they end up losing tons of national treasures and secrets. Instead of taking a dark tone to the plot, however, Mr. Locher has turned this in to a quirky, fun, and light-hearted affair. Best of all, the art in this book looks like a Saturday morning cartoon and its awesome! It really lends to the humorous tone that the story takes and I love it!

Unit 44 is going to start as a 4 issue mini-series that will eventually be collected into a graphic novel! I wish I could say more and give this book a rating, but this is the important part! This is a Kickstarter project and it’s worth investing in. The creators have added in all sorts of fun perks. From the $5 pledge of getting a PDF of the first issue, to the $800 pledge of having the artist draw a 5-page comic of a story you, yourself created! There’s definitely some rewards I’ve never seen on a Kickstarter project that they’re giving out for your time and money with this project (like a badass lunch pail with the main characters of the book on it) and its worth every second if your time to check out for yourself here!

What we have here could be the start of something special and this is your opportunity to support it and get in on the ground floor of it. Every dollar you spend towards the project goes towards the production of the series. From the printing of the books themselves to the collecting and printing of the collected editions, be assured your money will be put to good use! If you’ve got a few dollars to spare towards this fun and entertaining project, please remember, you aren’t just funding a book; you’re funding someone’s dream! The rush is on as well, as this goes to print there are only 4 days left to fund this awesome project!

Check out the trailer as Wes Locher talks about his project as well as a 5-page preview.

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