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Concept artist Mark Sexton talks Furiosa comic

June 21st, 2015 by Irwin Fletcher Comments


Mad Max: Fury Road seems to be the movie to beat this Summer critically and with fans. It holds an incredible 98% on Rotten Tomatoes and has been within the top four at the UK box office for over a month now.

It would seem that people’s hunger for all things Mad Max related have grown, as there are now a line of tie-in comics, hitting store shelves. To further add to the excitement, George Miller and Nico Lathouris, the co-writers of the film, are co-writers of the comic, alongside the film’s concept artist, Mark Sexton. This particular comic, will focus on Furiosa, before the events of the film.

In a recent interview with Comic Book Resources, Sexton went into a great deal about this comic. He discussed how it will further explore Furiosa’s character, how she rose to the rank of imperator (in a primarily male driven society) and how she first met the wives.

This certainly is an interesting idea to explore, as Furiosa was a truly interesting character and, some would argue, the true star of the film. Here’s hoping that the comic can live up to the high standards of storytelling set by the film.

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