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Grant Morrison steps in as editor of Heavy Metal

July 8th, 2015 by Irwin Fletcher Comments


Heavy Metal may not be a magazine that everyone is familiar with, but it has a long and venerable history within the industry. Beginning in April 1977, the comic has been known for its dark fantasy and its science fiction, as well as… other reasons.

The comic has also attracted some truly big names to work for it, such as Archie Goodman, Walter Simonson, Kevin Eastman, HR Geiger and Stephen King. With this long history in mind, today it was announced that Grant Morrison would be stepping into the role of editor for Heavy Metal.

In a recent interview in EW, Morrison explained his vision for what he hoped to achieve in this role.

He stated: “We’re trying to bring back some of that ’70s punk energy of Heavy Metal, but update it and make it new again… One of the things I like to do in my job is revamp properties and really get into the aesthetic of something, dig into the roots of what makes it work, then tinker with the engine and play around with it.

“So for me, it’s an aesthetic thing first and foremost. The idea of immersing myself in the aesthetic of Heavy Metal is exciting. It’s going to change the clothes I wear, the way I create; it’s like a performance for me. Beyond that, just the idea of being able to curate stories, decide the direction of the magazine, and work with great talent and develop new talent is an exciting opportunity.”

Confession time now, despite my praise for the comic at the start, I have never read Heavy Metal. However, I am a massive fan of Grant Morrison. All-Star Superman and his run on JLA are some of my favourite comic runs of all time. With Morrison entering this position, maybe it is time I checked out Heavy Metal.

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