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More info on Batman: Arkham Knight!

March 5th, 2014 by Jake Tanner Comments

Hey guys! We have some exciting news and rumors regarding the recently announced Batman: Arkham Knight game from Rocksteady!

First of all, Arkham Knight isn’t just the name of the game. Word around the rumor mill is that Arkham Knight is an entirely new character that Rocksteady created with the help of DC Legend Geoff Johns. Rocksteady is keeping quiet about the details behind this, but as soon as we know something, so will you guys!

As you can see above, Rocksteady created an entirely new Batmobile for this game. It looks to me to be one part Tumbler from the Nolan Trilogy and one part hyper-stylized as seen in most adaptations of Batman in comics and movies. Rocksteady said in an interview that they wanted to create the “best car in any game ever. That was our mission statement from the start.” Apparently you can call on the legendary car with the push of a button and eject from it at any time to glide around the city!

Arkham Knight is going to be five times larger than the last game, Arkham City. It will be separated into three different islands and Rocksteady promises that the game is more focused on detail than size.

It was been confirmed! The voice of Batman returns! Yes, for the fans (this writer included) that were disappointed in the lack of Kevin Conroy in Arkham Origins, the man himself is returning for Arkham Knight! It’s not a true Batman experience without Conroy, am I right Bat-fans?

What do you guys think about these new updates? Tell me in the comments below! Big ups to for the scoop!


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