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SDCC 2013: One of the ‘Green Lantern’ color corps will meet its end

July 23rd, 2013 by Christopher Williams Comments

Things are not looking good for the heroes of the Green Lantern Universe. The Guardians have betrayed everything they stood for; the First Lantern almost tore everything apart including the very fabric of the universe. Oa has been destroyed and just as the mantle of leadership over the Green Lantern Corp is passed on to Hal Jordan, more enemies attack including an invading Orange Lantern Corp. Now there is a new big bad stalking the universe that goes by the name of Relic. As if things couldn’t possibly get any worse, a whole Corp is set to see their demise.

Over the SDCC weekend Dan DiDio let that cat out of the bag when speaking to MTV Geek, saying, “We can tease, one of the color corps are destroyed in the course of the battle that takes place with this character that we’ve introduced called Relic” He went on to say, “He actually destroys one of the corps also, the power battery.” Jim Lee, who was also present for the interview jumped in with, “We’ve crossed over from tease to reveal.” I guess DiDio let slip a little bit more than he should have.

Let the speculation begin over which Corp is going to bite the dust? There is the Sinestro Corp, who have been under the leadership of Arkillo, but Sinestro is back and hosting Parallax at the moment, though he seems to have gone off into the sunset for now, but the story telling potential with Sinestro being Parallx is just too great to destroy. Larfleeze just landed his own book so I’d say it’s a safe bet the Orange Lanterns will be okay and of course the Greenies will be okay. I would say the odds on favorites would be the Indigo Tribe, as they seem to be pretty useless in comparison to the other Corps. The DC website also teased an upcoming crossover event called “Lights Out”, could this possibly be where ne of the Corps meets it’s end? Stay tuned to The Nerd for more info as it drops!

Source: MTV Geek


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