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SDCC2014: Marvel shows off new Star Wars comics

July 27th, 2014 by Christopher Williams Comments

Big Star Wars comic news coming out of San Diego today, Marvel has finally revealed their plans for the Star Wars Comic Universe. I have to say, as much as love the way Dark Horse has handled Star Wars, I’m also excited to see what Marvel does with the property. The funny thing is though, the first book announced, simply titled Star Wars, sounds an awful like a book Dark Horse already does titled, you guessed it, Star Wars. Ironically enough the man behind Dark Horse’s Star wars, Brian Wood, writes for Marvel already, but there are no plans to bring him onto the book. So Star Wars comic fans, check it out.

First we have Star Wars: Darth Vader. This book will focus on Vader’s new found mission to regain the position and favor he held with Emperor Palpatine after his failure during the Battle of Yavin, which was an element Wood played with in his book. Look for Kieron Gillen and Salvador Larroca on creative duties when the book drops in February 2015.

The next book focuses on Princess Leia and her rise from senator and royalty to Rebel leader. Star Wars: Princess Leia will run for five issues with Mark Waid on writing duties with Terry Dodson on art. Look for this book in March of 2015.

Lastly there is Star Wars. Jason Aaron will handle the words with John Cassaday on the art side of things. Star Wars, much like Wood’s book, will focus on our heroes as they make their way following their victory at Yavin. Star Wars will be in stores January 2015.

It sounds like Marvel is trying to do some cool things with the comics. I think Marvel is a great home for the property, but only time will tell how they develop the line


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