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There was very nearly a comic series based on Tim Burton’s Batman universe…

March 9th, 2016 by Irwin Fletcher Comments


Renowned DC and Marvel comics artist Joe Quinones just happens to be a big Tim Burton fan. So much so that he got together with artist/writer Kate Leth (Bravest Warriors, Edward Scissorhands – yes there is an Edward Scissorhands comic!!) and put a pitch to DC Comics for a Burtonverse Batman comic!

On his blog page Quinones says: “Inspired by DC’s recent Batman ‘66 series, our story would have picked up the threads left by Tim Burton’s Batman Returns. We would have seen the return of Selina Kyle/ Catwoman as well as introductions to ‘Burton-verse’ versions of Robin, Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. It also would have showcased the turn of Billy Dee Williams’ Harvey Dent into Two-Face.”

This series would be a Burtonverse fan’s dream. Over the years fans have had their own go at tying Batman 89 and Returns together and continuing those stories, so to see this idea get official recogintion and to see two comic professionals telling those stories would be fantastic.

Sadly the idea was turned down. Quinones says: “We had a lot of fun ideas for the series overall, but in the end it was turned down. Regardless, these were fun a lot of fun to draw and Kate and I got to bond over our love of Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman.”

While we may not see this idea come to fruition Joe has posted some of the concept art for the project – including a Billy Dee Williams’ Two Face, Geena Davis’ Poison Ivy and Marlon Wayans’ Robin!

Go to now to check out the pitch.

Cheers to our pals at Batman-Online for the scoop

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