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THE BIG INTERVIEW: we chat with Walking Dead actor Justin Kucsulain

October 11th, 2016 by Irwin Fletcher Comments


Justin Kucsulain is probably best known for playing Ethan in The Walking Dead, but he’s a familiar face for TV fans and has just joined the cast of Bloodline and may – or may not -have his sights set on a big role in the MCU.

FTN: Hi Justin, thanks for taking the time to sit down with us. Let’s get right into it as I know your time is precious. When did you first become interested in acting?

JK: Hi Phil, not a problem at all, looking forward to the chat. Ok, it al started for me in 2003 on the set of Iron Man 3; it was a huge production that would probably make anyone fall in love with this passionate profession.

FTN: Many fans will instantly recognize you as Ethan from The Walking Dead. Can you tell us how you first came across this role?

JK: I previously auditioned for many roles on The Walking Dead and one just happened to click with casting and production, and boom, I was on the show.

FTN: Without giving away too many spoilers, what was it like to work on such a celebrated show and bringing your character to life?

JK: Unbelievable, mind blowing, surreal… the set was like something from Lord of the Rings and you didn’t have an interaction with anyone that didn’t greet you with a smile. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

As far as Ethan, it was pretty cut and dry. He was conflicted and had to carry out a serious act that ultimately cost him his life. It was fun.


FTN: Aside from The Walking Dead, you appeared in the second and will possibly appear in the third season of the drama series Bloodline. Were you specifically approached for this role or did you have to attend many auditions?

JK: One audition, booked from a self-tape, my girlfriend read for me. It was only my second time ever auditioning for the series Bloodline. Casting puts out a break down, the reps submit actors they feel suit the role and casting selects who they would like to see audition.

FTN: You are playing the character Henry Rourke. Can you tell us a little bit about your character and what surprises he may have in store for the viewers?

FK: I honestly have no idea… This series is so beautifully written and with the twists and turns, I don’t think Kyle Chandler even knows what’s coming, ha ha ha. I would love to see Hank develop as any character on any show would love to see. Only time will tell.

FTN: There has been an incredible reaction to your posting of a picture of yourself purchasing certain comic books. Have you always been a fan of comics?

JK: If the “comic” can help me identify with the back story of a particular character I most certainly will get every single issue that I need. I didn’t realize how amazing a comic is to the development of a character; it’s literally a blue print to personality as far as taking on a new role or character study. My first experience to this being issue 95 of The Walking Dead which was almost exact from TV show to comic.

FTN: IF you were to play a comic character, and judging by the huge support online, who would you be REALLY interested in playing?

JK: Obviously anything Marvel; it’s an ever growing amazing company and in association with Disney, you can’t go wrong.

If I had to pick, obviously it would be Sentry [According to Comicvine: “Robert Reynolds became the Sentry, one of the first and mightiest superheroes after ingesting an experimental super-soldier formula. He is trapped in a constant battle with his dark side known as the Void. After his membership with the Avengers,he joined Norman Osborn’s Dark Avengers and died during his Siege in Asgard. Most recently, the Sentry was resurrected by the Apocalypse Twins as one of their Horsemen, the Horseman of Death.”] All of the people/fans in my corner; I want to make happy, and I would love to be able to portray this character Sentry. He has an amazing story that a lot of people relate to, with a disorder a lot of people suffer from. It would be an honor to work on any Marvel production.

FTN: With the large box office blockbusters of X-Men, The Avengers and more recently The Suicide Squad, do you think fans are ready for Sentry?

JK: Judging by the internet… Yes. But I have no idea. The creators and the producers know exactly what they are doing so I imagine they would know better than me. I stay ready, all day every day. So we shall see.

FTN: We have to ask (because we all MASSIVE fan boys)…has anyone approached you to play the superhero “Sentry”?  (You can wink if you can’t tell or speak)

JK: Come on…. Maybe so… maybe not. But this guy doesn’t kiss and tell, Have a fantastic day! Thanks for the chat.

FTN: Ah well, worth a shot. Thanks Justin




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