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5 Online Games That Pay You Real Cash

February 11th, 2019 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Many people love to play online games on their free time as a way to release stress or a mode of relaxation. So, if you’re one of them, there’s good news for you. You can get real cash while enjoying the fun and excitement of different online games available today.

In this post, you’ll learn the best online games that can pay you real cash. These are legitimate, so you don’t have to worry about not getting paid for your efforts. Let’s check them out!

  1. LottoGo

LottoGois a trusted and reputable online lottery betting site. It allows you to bet on the possible outcomes of the most popular lotteries worldwide. If you happen to select the correct winning number combination, you will receive the same prizes that a physical lottery ticket store offers. Yes, it feels like you’re playing the lottery with guaranteed prizes.

You’ll love the following about LottoGo:

  • Reasonably-priced
  • Decent number of lotteries and other games
  • Great option for newbies
  • Pays all out prizes which include jackpot
  • Safe and legitimate 
  1. Da Vinci’s Vault Online Slot

Da Vinci’s Vault Online Slot is derived from Dan Brown’s book, which is a fun and exciting slot video gameintroduced by Playtech. It has 20 paylines and five reels. You’ll feel like entering a mysterious world with powerful figures hiding behind the scenes, and you can make decisions that can change the way this world moves.

If you’re a big fan of Da Vinci’s famous top-selling 2003 novel, you’ll also love to play the Da Vinci’s Vault Slot machine and win big.

With this online game, you will:

  • Appreciate the great graphics and exciting soundtrack
  • Experience a truly immersive gameplay
  • It is available in free play and gets real cash. Play the game demo version without registration and deposit free spins.
  • You can play using your iOS or Android mobile device or computer.
  1. Inbox Dollars

This site is a well-known site where you can take surveys, play online games, and get paid. You need to sign up for a free account so you can play free games to earn real cash.

Here are the essential things that you need to know about Inbox Dollars:

  • You’ll need to finish each game. To be eligible for a credit, you also need to receive a score. So it means that any game you intentionally or accidentally close out before the game is finished and will not be credited.
  • You can transfer your credits and convert them into real cash through your PayPal account.
  • There are also paid games which increase your chance to earn more money, and Inbox Dollars can also help you by offsetting some game playing expenses.
  • You’ll earn rewards that you can use to purchase game-related accessories, too.
  1. Swagbucks

It is a popular online site which allows you to earn credits by playing games. The company states that more than $250 million worth of rewards were given, so you’ll be confident that it’s not a scam.

Swagbucks offers free games so you can earn reward credits to start playing. Paid games are also available, giving you credits which you can spend to play different games.

Here are some facts about Swagbucks:

  • You can transfer your credits to your PayPal account for real cash or convert into gift cards.
  • Earn money by also taking surveys, watching videos, shopping online, or searching the web.
  • Membership is free. 
  1. Bingo Zone

It is considered one of the best game sites that allows you to play for free. Just register and you can start playing. Bingo rounds are continuous on this site, with prizes starting at $1 which keeps on increasing until a player wins.

If you love to play Bingo, playing the Bingo Zone online offers excellent benefits, such as:

  • Playing within the comfort of your home. You don’t need to get dressed, drive, or walk to a nearby Bingo center to play your favorite hobby.
    • It’s a perfect alternative if the weather is bad or you can’t go out for some reasons but still wants to play Bingo.
  • It’s an excellent online gamethat you can enjoy on your day off while relaxing in your patio or deck.
  • Get paid real cash. 


Now, it’s possible to earn cash while you enjoy playing online games. If you’re a lottery of bingo players in the real world, you can also become a successful player online. With the digital technology we have today, everything is possible, and this includes playing and earning at the same time.

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