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Actor Nat Wolff reteaming with director Josh Boone in The Stand

May 8th, 2014 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Fault in Our Stars actor Nat Wolff will be reteaming  with his director from that film Josh Boone.

Boone is attached to direct the adaptation of Stephen King’s epic novel, which is being made by Warner Bros. and CBS Films. THR reports that he’s writing a part specifically for Wolff.

This film is this the third project the duo will have worked on together. Prior to The Fault in Our Stars, Boone first cast Wolff in his 2012 directorial debut, indie film Stuck in Love.

The Stand has gone through several directors over the years, with Scott Cooper most recently on board to direct and write, before leaving the project in November. Before Cooper, Ben Affleck and David Yates were attached as directors.

The Stand chronicles an epic battle between good and evil after the American population is all but wiped out by a deadly virus. Story follows a group of survivors who fight against an Antichrist-like figure named Randall Flagg.

Originally published in 1978, The Stand achieved cult-like status by the time it was re-released in 1990 with additions and revisions by King. The influential novel was adapted as a star-studded TV miniseries in 1994 starring Gary Sinise, Molly Ringwald and Rob Lowe.

While Warner Bros. serves as the lead on The Stand, CBS Films will co-produce and co-present the movie, which is being produced by Roy Lee and Jimmy Miller.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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