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Disney CEO Bob Iger gets a contract extension

July 2nd, 2013 by Christopher Williams Comments

While many Americans feel as insecure as ever with the current job market here, there is one man who should be feeling quite safe. Variety has reported that Disney CEO Bob Iger will remain as the company’s head through June of 2016, a little more than a year past what his original contract was signed for. Originally he had been contracted through March of 2015.

“For nearly eight years as chief executive officer, Bob Iger has proven he has the unique ability to drive creative and financial success at the world’s preeminent entertainment company,” said Orin C. Smith, the independent lead director of the Disney board in a statement. He also went on to say,” Disney has hit new heights during Mr. Iger’s tenure, with total shareholder return of 193% that dramatically exceeds the S&P 500′s 54%, and a market capitalization that has risen to $113.7 billion from $48.4 billion when he became CEO in 2005…Mr. Iger’s ability to consistently deliver against a strategy of producing high-quality branded content, technological innovation and international expansion has repeatedly resulted in record revenue, net income, and earnings per share for the company.”

One way to make sure your board of directors wants you back is to land huge fish like a little movie and entertainment company called LucasFilm. Of course he has a list of greatest hits such as a new Disney park in China, a forthcoming Star Wars trilogy, even more pirates sailing the Caribbean and more Marvel films. In fact Disney has enjoyed a level of success that even they weren’t used to seeing before Iger. I’m pretty sure the main reason for asking him to say is so that he can see most of these projects come to fruition.


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