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Doctor Strange director teases sequel plans

October 25th, 2016 by bash Comments


doctor strange

Scott Derrickson has teased plans for a second Doctor Strange film even though a sequel has yet to be greenlit by Marvel Studios.

Speaking to Den of Geek, the director revealed his love for the character saying there is “so much progress to be made“.

I love the character, I love the visual possibilities, and I know the comics so well. [The first movie is] the tip of an iceberg,” he added.

Whilst not revealing any specifics given that a second film has yet to be confirmed, Derrickson hinted at introducing a great villain to progress the story aka The Dark Knight.

What made The Dark Knight so great was that the origin story of Batman had been well-told, and then it was time to bring in a villain where you really got to go deep,” he continued. “And not just the Joker, also Two-Face. It was a more visceral experience, I’d love to be able to do that for Doctor Strange.”

Hit the link below for more. Doctor Strange is out this week.

Source: Den of Geek

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