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Emmerich talks Independence Day 2

September 18th, 2013 by bash Comments

Roland Emmerich has been speaking to Empire about his plans for Independence Day 2.

The director had original envisaged two sequels to the 1995 box office hit but has decided to go with just one movie.

“We’ll only do the first part because we want to have the audience decide if they want to see the second,” he said. “Otherwise it feels arrogant. But I’m pretty confident, with the right script…”

“I should get the script pretty soon,” he continued. “Then I’ll try to get it into good shape for one or two months and, if that happens, we’ll announce it and start production… We’ve created a mythology around these aliens, which is really cool. You have to create a mythology because people want to see a bigger picture.”

Emmerich also confirmed that he is developing Isaac Asimov’s genre-defining trilogy Foundation for the small screen.

“We’re trying to do it as a big mini-series,” he said. “But even there you would have to change the story itself and set it in a time when the galaxy has fallen apart and then you’re pretty much making a TV show with all these characters and playing all the scenes out.

You can [do that] and we’ll see what happens. We tried so hard [to make it into a movie], honestly, because it’s one of my most favorite books. I just love it.”

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