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How a child’s brain development and imagination relate to toy cars

September 12th, 2018 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Playing with car toys may help your child’s physical, emotional and mental development. But how? Here is the answer in this article. Read it carefully and know more about it.

Whether we have kids or any of our family member or friends has kids, most of us don’t want to think more about the kid’s gameplay. We all are giving them many toys so that they can spend their time around the toy cars, or heavy trucks or JCB. Beyond the fun, we never study about the toys. But according to Professor Jeffrey Goldstein, there is something of major importance going on when children play. According to him playing with toys is the best way to develops children’s language, physical abilities, social and communication skills, and spatial awareness.

Not only this, but many other benefits helps to a toddler like at the time when children play together the creativity, and intellectual development comes from various ideas and learning names of multiple objects, imagining them to be entirely different, etc.

Another crucial feature of the car toy play is the development of motor skills. According to Prof Goldstein pushing a toy car around is an example of developing physical skills with play. All kids like to play with a variety of toys, and car tools are one of the toys that give various options concerning model, color, design, etc. Variety maintains children’s interest and helps them develop an extensive range of skills.

As per the headmaster of Neroche Community Primary School in Somerset, Connel Boyle, they have trained their staff in play theory and installed a Scrapstore that is junk items for all pupils to show a path from their imagination to reality.

For Helping Your Kids Play, Here Are The Top Three Tips For You:

  1. Provide different type of toys to children so that their interest may sustain and always try to give them the chance to use their creativity and intelligence. According to many expert children’s writer, childhood is the time where crucial skills are developed for adulthood because it is a way of handling the complexities of daily life.
  2. Don’t try to fix the toys and time on behalf of your child. Even Parents should play with their children, encourage them to take the lead in the game. No one can decide how a child plays or how they use the object during ongoing gaming process. The play works because it is not structured fun.
  3. Never plan the play. The whole purpose of playing is that it is spontaneous, so let the play happen naturally.

What Are The Benefits Of Creative Play?

Natural playing always makes your children healthier, happier, and more engaged.


  • Play helps children to make choices, learn understanding and kindness as they come into contact with other people.


  • With the inevitable play, children become less anxious, more joyful, calmer, and have fewer worries


  • The Study suggested that there is a link between routine play and the development of a child’s IQ. Even the fine motor skills also developed and enhanced through daily activity.


It is all about how a child’s brain development and imagination relate to toy cars. Hopefully, you find it relevant. Thank you for reading!

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