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Is Online Casino Gaming Safe and Secured?

January 1st, 2019 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Do you know how many cyber crimes occur every day? Apparently, there are more than 50,000, but how many of those are online casino related? We have no idea. Anyone with experience in the sector knows that the phenomena occur. You do not have to look far to see the truth. Players are torn to the right and left, although, this does not bring much confidence in online casinos, right? One of the scams that casinos are involved in, is confiscating player winnings. However, do not worry, there are many legitimate casinos you can participate in. You can do a little research to find out. But what if you want to find a casino suitable for you? An honest and secure casino to which you can entrust your hard-earned money.

So, how do you tell that an online casino is safe and secure? Let’s take a look.

1. Secure Banking Alternatives

Legitimate casinos offer safe deposits and withdrawals. Although encryption technology ensures the security of deposits and withdrawals in an online casino, other considerations must be taken into account. Casinos use 128 or 256-bit encryption. Both transform the personal and financial information you send to the casino in indestructible code. You’re safe? Well, your bank uses the same level of protection. You may find that your casino uses some form of encryption by displaying your toolbar. If the website name is “https”, they have an SSL certificate, which means your information will be encrypted.

Legitimate operators tend to manage their banking transactions more quickly than unreliable operators. Respectable casinos also accept a variety of reliable online payment methods. In addition to credit and debit cards, they also include electronic wallets such as PayPal. As the leading provider of secure online payments, PayPal usually allows a casino to offer the payment method, only if it is absolutely certain that it is secure. They would not risk their reputation if they collaborated with crazy operators. Trusted operators will do an identity check before the first payment transfers. This is a licensing obligation that safeguards against money laundering and fraud.

2. Random Number Generators

A random number generator is a system used by casinos to run games. The execution of the casino algorithms does not require any intervention from the outside. Instead, they use an initial number. Combined with the algorithm, you get seemingly random results.

The algorithm and the initial number are unknown. This is the only way to prevent the algorithm from being hacked. The reason is that the algorithms (combined with the starting numbers) are essentially mathematical formulas. And 2 + 2 is always 4. Therefore, the algorithms are violated if you know which algorithm and which seed is being used.

However, there is another security measure: third-party vendors whose sole purpose is to test the casino software. There are a few known regulatory agencies run that ensure casino games are regulated in such a way that the winnings are not stolen from the true winners. They test everything. Random Number Generator (RNG) and Random Calculations, for instance, continue the review of match verification and real-time dealer rankings, sports bets or betting exchanges. Also, Review of lottery systems and parallel systems.

When the casino passes, it receives a small badge that it can put on its website. Most companies like also publish the latest information about each company on their website. This applies even if they are successful and what is the percentage of their winnings.

3. Privacy Statement

The privacy statement is important because it shows you how the casino wants to use your information. Make sure your personal information is protected with the highest priority in online games. To participate in real money games, you must provide personal and private banking information, such as full name, address, and date of birth. The renowned casinos use sophisticated technical security to ensure the strict protection of this data. Financial transactions are handled securely using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. This ensures that all sensitive data transferred between the PC and the casino’s website is encrypted and cannot be pirated or disclosed. Trusted operators also use world-class computer security software to ensure that their websites are free of malware, spyware, and viruses. This guarantees a safe and secure environment. You can, of course, be found on the company’s privacy policy are, at the bottom of the site.

4. Licenses

Offline casinos must undergo a rigorous process before they can open their doors to the public. Part of this process is acquiring the license from local or national gaming authorities. These commissions or gaming authorities ensure that the casino is legitimate and at sea before granting the license. Then, again and again, in the months and years to come, make sure they succeed again. They are looking for all kinds of things: random games, perfect software, player complaints, player exclusions and so on. If they succeed, they get their license. But if they fail? They lose their license, which means they go out of business.


This way, you can quickly and easily determine if a casino is safe and secure. But there is one thing to be aware of. Online gaming authorities, licensors, and commissions are different from the offline ones. Some of them are more relaxed than others, which means that the casinos they serve have more room for mistakes. It’s a good idea to know who these commissions are. So you can avoid or keep an eye on casinos that should be online.


Most online casinos publish their license at the bottom of their website. Some gaming authorities also publish those who have licensed their website or the license they have removed.

5. Independent Game Tests

The right games are obviously a crucial factor in pinpointing a genuine casino. Real operators ensure transparency of the integrity of their games. The random number generators they own, are often checked by self-regulating experts approved by the Commission. Thousands of game turns, intensive tests are made to see if the results are really random and if the results of the game are not tampered with. Operators such as GLI, ECOGRA, Gaming Associates and TST are among the leading test agencies in this market. These enterprises also analyze the amount of all cash withdrawals of all types made in the online casinos, which are reimbursed to players. Reports are then created showing the payment fraction of all casino games. The reports are easily accessible on reputable casino websites.

6. Casino Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions are a kind of privacy policy. The casino tells you how they manage their business. The rules that everyone must follow. These pages tell you what the rules are for. These include welcome bonus, payment rules and what happens when you win a huge jackpot. This is evident in Livemobile888. You must read them very carefully. I’ll also take a screenshot – and I’ll tell you why. One of the worst things fraudulent casinos do is change their terms on the fly. Generally, it is a decision you take in a casino against a player. For example, if you use a deposit bonus and eliminate rollover conditions. Then go to the payment and the casino tells you that you cannot do it.

Some casinos will regulate the conditions of use. They might say you played badly or you did not play enough. So they cancel your bonus and your winnings. The problem here is that often casinos do not have money to pay you. Or they do not want to. So, they will optimize the term.

In many cases, you may be lucky enough to recover your original bankroll – not to mention the bonus money. If you have read the terms and conditions and save, preferably a screenshot, you will not be able to recover your money or bonuses (offshore sites are more difficult to fight because of the law), but you can damage their reputation and make a favor to the other players, warning them of the casino with which they have problems. Terms and conditions can be found at the bottom of the casino website.

7. Reliable Customer Support

Quality customer service is a vital necessity of trustworthy online casinos. If you gamble at a casino online, you might need support and help from the operators. Authentic casinos offer a multiplicity of ways to connect with the customer support team. These usually include telephone, live chat, and e-mail. The most dependable operators offer these services 24 hours a day, so you always receive the assistance you might need, regardless of where you are or time of the day. The excellence of customer support should never be underrated. In reliable casinos, you get a fast answer to your questions. In addition, customer service representatives are informed, educated and available. One of the most important factors that make a trustworthy gambling site is the presence of agents who are doing their best to solve their client’s problems instead of strangling or dismissing player complaints.

8. Fair Bonuses

Among the most important strengths of any online casino business, is the wide selection of bonuses to win. Once you register with a casino, you will most likely find several bonuses and promotions that you could use. It is essential to keep in mind that all the bonuses are linked to a gambling condition to make sure that they are used for playing. Bonuses can range from 20x to 50x. Therefore, if you are asked to deposit some cash and get the 100x bonus, the alarm should ring. In addition, the absence of transparent and easily understandable terms should push you to question the legitimacy of the casino.

9. Social Responsibility

While casino games operating online offer excellent entertainment and are a fun activity for most, there are a few players who can be addicted to gaming. Serious casinos work responsibly and offer a diversity of tools that allow players to manage their gaming habits. This includes alternatives to load deposits and time limits, in addition to the option to exclude yourself completely. Most renowned casino businesses, work hand in hand with charities and organizations that deal with gambling problems to safeguard their players. These comprise of links to organizations such as GambleAware, Gamblers Anonymous and GamCare, which can offer support and assistance to people with gambling addiction.

10. Track Record

If you want to know if a website is worth it, the best way to check the company’s history is to examine it. This is not always possible: new companies, always reliable, will appear in the sector. But a site that has existed for a decade or more gives you lots of information to consult. And if they’ve been working for so long without major complaints or scandals, you can count on them to have a lot of satisfied customers. This means the industry as a whole believes they are legit.

To be clear, the protections are good. However, they do not constitute a guarantee that the space in which you play or participate is authentic. Instead, imagine these security measures as minimum bets. If your casino does not have these security measures, pass and play elsewhere. The best online options are not lacking. Nonetheless, if security measures do not guarantee the legitimacy of a casino, what can you do? I think the best approach is to register as a member of one or more forums in the casino community. A place where other players play online, talk about their experiences in different casinos. This will help you, but the important thing is: You’ll be one of the first to discover that a casino is no longer secure or safe. A plaintive player usually does not want to say anything. And when a complaint reaches two years and two complaints become three, you know something is at stake and you’ll be one of the first to know. Therefore, use these security measures as an entry barrier to ensure that casinos maintain a minimum level of fairness and security. But if you really want to know if a casino is on the rise – if it’s really fa


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