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J.J. Abrams talks about his love of Star Wars

April 1st, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

I’ve always said that directors that are fans, are always the best choices for beloved franchises. Which is why J.J. Abrams is the best choice to direct Star Wars: Episode VII. The guy is a huge fan of the franchise, and I can’t imagine that he would let anything happen to let the other fans down. I truly believe the guy is going to give us the best possible modern Star Wars movie, and I’m incredibly excited for it! In a recent interview with Empire Magazine, he discusses his love for the Star Wars franchise:

“[Star Wars] did comedy, it did drama, it did romance, it did action-adventure, it did spectacle and scope and scale. When I saw that movie it was like another echelon of mind expansion. It balanced so incredibly character, pyrotechnics and groundbreaking visuals – but more importantly, groundbreaking ideas. You take for granted so many things about it that were really novel concepts, not just visually interesting things. The sets were incredible, the miniatures, what was done with opticals, what was done with matte painting on glass.

The truth is, it was so unbelievably ballsy and out-there. They combined every trick in the book, every technique. But more importantly, it was so deeply considered in terms of character. Whatever had been planned from the beginning or not, you cannot deny the attitudes of each of those characters – alluding to a world that you didn’t really have to understand, but that you knew existed.

My favorite movie, Annie Hall or Jaws or whatever, those are brilliant movies, but Star Wars did so much more because its ambition was preposterously huge. So, while I don’t think it influenced me more, it opened up another dimension of what was possible. But then I would say it doesn’t easily lend itself to influence, frankly, because it is so unique in its existence.”

He then talked about showing the next generation, his kids, the original movies:

“There was really no debate for me. There was no wrestling. I showed them the movies in the order they were made. The originals, yes, This is critical.”

That is the proper way isn’t it? Which is exactly how I showed the movies to my son. I’ve always that that Abrams would be a great choice to take on this franchise, and I will stand by it. Not only his talents as a movie maker but his love and respect for the source material.

The Force is strong with this one.

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