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Kyle MacLachlan returning to ‘Twin Peaks,’ with David Lynch directing all episodes

January 13th, 2015 by Derek Robertson Comments

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Kyle MacLachlan interrupted Showtime president David Nevins during his wrap-up of the networks TCA press tour presentation. MacLachlan walked onto the stage dressed in character to the “Twin Peaks” theme music to offer Nevins “a damn good cup of coffee,” in which Nevins accepted (you would be mad not too right?).

Maclachlin hovered about on stage for a little while, before offering up the idiosyncratically creepy remark, “May the forest be with you,” whilst Nevins worryingly tried to coax him into leaving the stage:

“You have to get out of here, before you get us in trouble with David and Mark.”

Was this all staged? Who knows for sure, but at least we have now learned that MacLachlan will be returning to Twin Peaks to check out how the quality of the coffee has been holding up since he was last there 25 years ago.

All joking aside, in the following session, Nevins revealed that Lynch will be directing all the episodes, and that a large factor in this decision was solely a numerical one.

25 years was the magic number – he pays attention to that numerology in a big way,” Nevins stated; hinting that the resurrection of the cult series was down the number 25, and he is absolutely spot on.

Nevins also discussed what it was like to work with two insanely creative (or should that be creatively insane…) individuals such as Mark Frost and David Lynch, explaining that the best way to work is to keep “writing checks and leaving them alone.”

Are you excited that Twin Peaks is returning to the small-screen? Or are you filled with a feeling of trepidation that the new show could taint the legacy of the original?

Source: Indiewire

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