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More flashbacks for Justice League involving the Kents?

February 3rd, 2017 by bash Comments

Are we going to get ANOTHER flashback scene within the new DCEU created by Zack Snyder in his forthcoming Justice League film?

The question is a pertinent one given that the director just tweeted the above image with ‘1992’ added for context.

Revealed are Diane Lane and Kevin Costner as Superman’s Earth-parents, Martha and Jonathan Kent. Could this image allude to the fact we’ll find out how Superman returns from the dead in the new film and that perhaps they know a secret about the ship brought him to Earth and the technology within?

Jonathan died in The Man of Steel ofcourse but came back in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice for a short scene with his son, Clark so anything is possible.

Elsewhere, Batman v Superman production designer Patrick Tatopoulos has shared concept art of a bat thing that was originally going to be part of Bruce Wayne’s nightmares (see it below).

The monster most certainly was meant to show up in that same “Knightmare” scene as evil Superman and his insect soldiers and whilst it never made it to the big screen you can’t deny that it doesn’t look cool… and scary!

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