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New images from Thor: The Dark World

April 22nd, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

While the first poster for the Thor sequel showed some of his badassery, these pics show a bit if his softer side, well one does. Before you get too upset check out the other pic.  Revealed by USA Today, one pic shows a richly dressed Thor giving Jane Foster what one can imagine is a tour of the majestic halls of his home.

While the next image features the Norse god in a more familiar mode, brandishing his mighty weapon Mjolnir, and awaiting any number of Hammer puns. Standing in the midst of a woodland area, another armored Asgardian can be glimpsed nearby, promising defeat for those who dare stand against them.

It’s the second image that seems to promise that the Thor sequel will have an different tone than its predecessor, which was predominantly set in the gleaming realm of Asgard and the barren New Mexico desert. This change will most likely be due to incoming director and Game Of Thrones veteran Alan Taylor.

What are your feelings about the sequel?

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