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One of the Month – February 2013

February 10th, 2013 by StealthBuda Comments

One of the Month

Here’s how this works.  The gaming team here at FTN will bring you our picks for the upcoming game and movie releases each month in an attempt to guide you in the direction of the games and movies you should be playing/watching.

So far ahead, most of this column will be based on hype, preview material and personal experience and this shouldn’t replace reviews for the actual movies and games at a later date.  But it will be a forum for our readers and other members of the FTN team to sound off about what they’re excited about in the upcoming month.


One of the Month – Console Game

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – (PS3, Xbox 360) – 19 Feb 2013

MGR: Revengeance is a slight break from the normal Metal Gear games and this has upset some people, but for me, it’s Ninja Gaiden meets Metal Gear, what’s not to like?  The demo at Eurogamer Expo 2012 was incredibly hard and I encourage all to download the demo that was released this week.  Ninja Cyborgs, amazing graphics and a detailed fight combat and dismemberment system.  This is a game for me.


One of the Month – Portable Gaming

There are no planned Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita or mobile gaming releases planned for January that grab my attention.


One of the Month – Movies

Reign of Assassins – 15 Feb 2013

John Woo’s involvement in this film was enough to get my interest.  Although it is a co-directorial role, this film about an assassin trying to find her way in the world after she leaves her clan was released in East Asia back in 2010.  Apart from Red Cliff back in 2009, we haven’t seen much of John Woo recently and I hope this film captures some of his old magic.  I’m sceptical about the Killer remake next year, and although John Woo has a producer credit on that, it might not carry across well.


One-of-the-Month FTN Writers Choices

Al Keenan’s One-of-the-Month

Gaming – Aliens: Colonial Marines

It has been such a long time since there has been any semblance of a good Alien game and this being a direct sequel to James Cameron’s awesome Aliens film I can see it being the game I’ve waited for.

Over the last few weeks the trailers have been hitting us fast and I can say I’m most looking forward to the multiplayer where I can be the Alien and hunt down unaware Marines. Much like Left 4 Dead’s infected multiplayer.

It was a tossup between this and Dead Space 3, I’m sure Dead Space will be brilliant but it won’t be

Aliens… Prove me wrong Dead Space, I dare you.


Leigh’s One-of-the-Month

Movies – Wreck-it Ralph

As a gamer and film lover I can’t wait for Wreck-it Ralph which takes a look into what happens when the arcade closes for the night and how Ralph, the bad guy feels about his job. Looks to me like a second generation Toy Story and hopefully it’ll be just as good or better. It’s coming out on the 8th in the UK. I’ll definitely there to see it.
What are you most excited about this month?  Are you all up for the next in the Die Hard Franchise?  Or has Warm Bodies got your interest?  Hitchcock, Flight, This is 40 and I give it a year are all big releases, but there’s also Chained and Antiviral by the children of Lynch and Cronenberg.

Although gaming releases are light, there are still a few options out there.  DMC Devil May Cry is out and the awesome looking Ni No Kuni on the PS3.

Tell me your three picks of the month.

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StealthBuda, when not defending the streets of London from the shadows, is a big fan of portable gaming, slasher films and console RPGs. You can abuse him via Facebook ( or on Twitter (!/StealthBuda)