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Remember M.A.S.K.? Hasbro applies for new trademark for toy line…

December 21st, 2014 by Irwin Fletcher Comments


1980s toys galore folks, as Hasbro applies for a new trademark to release classic 80’s property M.A.S.K. The acronym, which stands for MOBILE ARMORED STRIKE KOMMAND, was a popular animated show and DC Comics series with action figures and transforming vehicles.

Shout Factory – who own the rights to the cartoon – have finally released the first American DVD of M.A.S.K., which is comprised of all 65 episodes of the cartoon, in a 12-disc box-set, which includes interviews with the original writers and also a retrospective look at the cartoon from comedians and filmmakers are ardent fans of the series. Previous to the release, fans were left to their own devices to try and attain copies of the series; with die-hards often scouring comic conventions for bootlegs or foreign versions of the 1985-86 DiC animated series.

Initially a toy line produced by Kenner in 1985, the animated show followed Matt Trakker and his Mobile Armored Strike Kommand (a.k.a. M.A.S.K.) team together, thus, pulling them away from their day jobs –  menial and nine-to-five day jobs – to take heed, and curb danger whenever it reared it’s ugly head. With likeable characters and transforming vehicles, the recipe proved a success with kids.

Fitted with high-tech masks and high-tech shapeshifting cars and trucks during their missions, each transforming rig had it’s advantages for particular tasks in individual missions. From Trakkers Thunderhawk (a red Camaro that became a jet plane), to Rhino (a maroon big rig that transforms into a missile-launching mobile defense platform – the show became a hit and the toys became a must-have for children the world over.

G.I. Joe and Transformers are the big moneymakers for Hasbro, so it makes sense for the company to release a new line of collectible toys. However, whether they decide to adapt M.A.S.K. into a movie or create a new animated series remains to be seen.

But we are sure whatever the decision, there will be plenty of folk who will be happy enough to get their hands on a copy of the DVD box-set and bolster their childhood memories of the masked crusaders.

Source: USAtoday

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