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Rocket Raccoon gets his own comic series written & drawn by Skottie Young!

February 27th, 2014 by Irwin Fletcher Comments


Marvel Comics (via MTV) has announced that before his upcoming film debut in Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket Raccoon will be getting his very own ongoing comic series from writer/artist Skottie Young.

Young revealed:

“Even though it was just a sliver of Rocket [in the trailer], I couldn’t wait to work on this guy even more. I think it’s going to have a connection to that nostalgic feeling for ‘Looney Tunes,’ that old animated flavor where everything wasn’t squeaky clean, you know? Daffy Duck would get his bill blasted off with double barrel shotguns… That’s what I grew up watching, and being able to play around with that in this hyper-superhero intergalactic universe will be a lot of fun.”

Since debuting in 1976 from the minds of Bill Mantlo and Keith Giffen, Rocket Raccoon has befriended and fought a whole multitude of strange creatures, but Young won’t be focusing on linking the new series to the old continuity:

“I’m trying not to hinge too much on those kinds of things. I’m sure as we get going along, I’ll start seeding some of those things through. But my goal right out of the gate was, let’s take this cool character, run him around a bit and have some fun… And not worry too much about connecting the crazy continuity right out of the gate.”

Rocket Raccoon #1 will debut on July 2nd.

The full solicitation from Marvel reads as follows:

As defenders of the cosmos go, Rocket Raccoon has faced his fair share of galactic battles. He’s been a hero to the weak, a champion of good, a protector of the innocent, a heartthrob to the many intergalactic female species and now–a raccoon on the run?! ( I’m sorry, I’m sorry, a “formidable-and-expert-Guardian” on the run. Rocket is NOT a raccoon, okay?) Rocket’s high-flying life of adventure and heroism may soon be a thing of the past when he becomes a wanted man–and the authorities are not the only one on his TAIL! (We’ll definitely be overusing that pun!) Superstar creator Skottie Young brings his A-game as writer and artist on the series we’ve been waiting decades for.

Source: MTV


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