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SDCC: WATCH Hasbro unveils new Star Wars toys

July 10th, 2015 by Saxon Comments


Some awesome new figures from across the Star Wars galaxy are coming to a toystore near you very soon, and we have some images of these beauties during their reveal at the Hasbro SDCC booth!

Before we get started, HOW COOL IS THAT IMAGE ABOVE?! Seriously?  I love how it recreates the scene in The Force Awakens trailer with the First Order base under attack and an explosion sending Stormtroopers flying!  Speaking of which, yes those are the fabled Black Series Stormtrooper figures and they look pretty awesome.


Next up is the Black Series Ahsoka Tano from The Clone Wars, although she looks very much like her older Rebels incarnation here.


Speaking of Rebels here’s the first character from the new animated series to be produced in The Black Series – Kanan Jarrus! This figure looks all kinds of awesome and really retains the visual style of the show!


Yay, yet another Luke in the Black Series…. said no one ever.  This, their 3,401,090th version of Mr Skywalker is based on his first appearance in A New Hope.  Because if there’s one figure we wanted, its this.


But this is the real jewel in the crown – a Force Awakens TIE Fighter – and it’s huge!  Look at the size of it!  And the detail!  Below is a closer look at the pilot, confirming that they do have those red stripes on the black helmet.


The Force Awakens figures are set for release on September 4th – dubbed Force Friday.  Clever. Also here’s the moment Hasbro released the SDCC display to the world, caught on video and immortalised forever…

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