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Star Wars: Episode VII casting rumor gets possible confirmation from Lucasfilm?

September 7th, 2013 by Edwin Torres Jr Comments

There’s been a lot of Star Wars: Episode VII rumors of late and even rumbles of an upcoming official announcement. Well this latest info is on a rumor we posted previously about Magic Mike’s Alex Pettyfer and Peter Pan’s Rachel Hurd-Wood.

It seems Latino Review’s El Mayimbe has found a post from a Star Wars fan site, Obi Wants To Know Me, where a Lucasfilm employee appears to be looking for fan reactions to that rumor, one that Latino Review broke.

There is a reason why this is more than your average fan forum post. Obi Wants To Know Me is a site actually founded by Lucasfilm, and with the express purpose of getting feedback from Star Wars fans. You must also sign a non-disclosure agreement to become part of this community. The Spencer in question appears to be this guy.  

But does this mean that they’re trying to cast Alex Pettyfer and Rachel Hurd-Wood? If the post is real, it means they’re at least thinking strongly about it. That is the purpose of the site after all.

 This is by no means any sort of confirmation that Pettyfer or Hurd-Wood has been cast. I would say at best it’s confirmation that Lucasfilm is seriously considering casting them. Remember we have no idea how many other people might be in the running for the same roles.

Source: Cinema Blend

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