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Stephen Amell wants to be Green Arrow in the Justice League movie

March 30th, 2014 by Todd Black Comments

Without a doubt, Arrow, is one of the coolest shows on TV. Especially for comic fans, more especially for DC fans. The mix of action, story, and numerous DC Easter eggs makes this a show to enjoy.

With the DC TV Universe growing, and the movie universe slowly coming into focus, a question has been raised. “Should the actors who play JL characters in the shows, appear in the inevitable Justice League movie?”

This question is justified as two shows that’ll be on (hopefully) when the JL movie starts filming will be Arrow and the upcoming Flash. Both Oliver Queen and Barry Allen have been part of the Justice League at various points in DC continuity. So it’s not TOO far of a stretch to have them in. However, a concern comes in with the ages of the actors, and whether TV and movie worlds should cross over. No one is entirely sure that Batman exists in the Arrow universe. And who knows who we’ll meet in Flash. As for ages, while Oliver Queen actor Stephen Amell is 32, Grant Gustin who will play Barry Allen is only 23.

Most importantly though, would the TV actors want to be in the movie if asked? Well, Stephen Amell can be checked in the “Yes!” column.

In a panel at Emerald City Con he said:

“I’m completely overly competitive. And the thought of somebody else playing Oliver Queen makes me want to smash that head through that table.”

So if was asked….?:

“I would definitely be open. And I appreciate all the support.”

So there you go! One down. It’s unknown what will happen with Justice League, mainly because Batman vs. Superman will play a key part in deciding where to go with it. Time will tell I guess. Do you think the Arrow and Flash actors should crossover?

Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Comic Book Resources via (SMN)

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