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Super powers from movies that would be great in real life scenarios

April 20th, 2017 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Motion pictures are made every year using a variety of genres. One that seems to be popular with new titles being released annual are super hero movies. These movies enthral audiences with their heroic stars and their unique super powers.

Spider Girl

This comic book character has a power that many women and even men around the world would love to have. Spider Girl has the power to grow her hair whenever she chooses. This would be something that those lacking in hair or wishing they had longer hair could use.


Spiderman has the ability to crawl on solid surfaces whether they are walls or even ceilings. This could be a handy super power to have in a number of situations. You could use it to avoid certain things or to help you clean your home.

Wonder Woman

Ever wished you could speak another language? What about being able to speak any language? Wonder Woman has the gift of omni-linguism meaning she can understand any language. Imagine the implications for travel. You would always be able to understand people no matter wherever you go.


This character is able to change probability so luck is in his favour. For those who enjoy playing casino games or betting on a sports match, this could help keep you on a winning streak, filling your pockets with lucrative winnings. Having Longshot’s skills could be exciting!


So many events can be affected by the weather. What if you had the power to fix this? You could if you had Storm’s ability to control the weather. No longer would special events be cancelled. You could just choose the weather you wish to have.

While these are just a few superpowers that have appeared in films, the possibilities for one’s imagination are endless. Which super power would you want to have?

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