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The Best Horse Racing Video Games

April 3rd, 2018 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Horse racing is a sport that is popular in many countries around the world. Millions of people take a keen interest in horse racing and for many it runs a bit deeper than just being an avid onlooker.

With so much that goes into horse racing, a lot of fans have become what are often known as ‘enthusiasts’ and horse racing games are the perfect way for these guys to get closer to the action. With so many horse racing games out there, we’ve picked a few of the best for everyone to enjoy.

Gallop Racer

You may have to head back quite a few years, and a couple of platforms, to play Gallop Racer but it’s one of the finest horse racing video games to ever hit the mainstream market. It’s a title that requires the player to put the time into and in return they will reap hours of fun in the game that is set in Gallop Racing Square, which is a horse racing theme park in effect.

Players can create their own horses and go onto race them, as they enjoy great careers on the track, before hitting retirement. Players will also find that they learn a lot more about horse racing and the industry itself while also getting to grips with other things such as stats and betting. Fans can then venture onto real horse racing betting sites like Betpoint to have a go at betting for real.

Starters Orders

Starters Orders is a horse racing management game series that has continued to go from strength to strength over time. The latest edition of the acclaimed game series in Starters Orders 6 and many would describe it as the ‘Football Manager of horse racing’ due to how in-depth the game is.

Players aim to build up their own stables to produce a string of horses so that they can compete in some of the world’s biggest horse races. There’s also the chance to breed horses too in the hope that they become the next big thing in the sport. If all that wasn’t enough players can also bet on races and even take the reins if they have an Oculus Rift VR headset, for that authentic in the saddle experience.

G1 Jockey

G1 Jockey is another video game franchise that received great acclaim for allowing fans to experience horse racing from a jockey’s perspective. It’s a game series that made it across several different platforms, including the Nintendo Wii, with options that include quick training race modes as well as a career mode.

The racing in the game is where this series really had great success though as the emphasis was all on the horse’s characteristics and strategy. Some horses are front runners, some like to run at a constant pace before they hit their peak, while others prefer to be held back until the time is right for them to be delivered by the jockey. All these things are exactly what you would find in real life horse racing and that’s why this is one of the best horse racing video games of all time.

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