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The Flight of Dragons to be made into live action film

April 12th, 2013 by bash Comments

National Film Festival for Talented Youth award winning director Jesse Stipek invites fantasy lovers to get involved with his re-imagined version of the 1982 Warner Bros. animated classic, “The Flight of Dragons”. The film is purely independent and will be funded by fans. Donations can be made on Kickstarter:

“The Flight of Dragons” unfolds in an age when magic and science coexist uneasily, and humans still walk the earth alongside wizards, unicorns, and dragons. One of the four most powerful mages on the planet, Carolinus the Green Wizard realizes that magic’s power is slipping in favor of the logic of science — a potential detriment to men, who need such magic to provide regular inspiration for themselves.

Carolinus thus summons his three brothers for an emergency gathering, and suggests that they create a separate magical realm for themselves, via which they can send man the magic he needs on a regular basis. Two of the brothers agree, but the third — the evil wizard Ommadon — not only refuses to be shuttled off to this removed existence but vows to wage full-scale war on humankind with evil feelings and ideas

 Because the rules of the universe forbid Carolinus and his other two siblings from going head-to-head with Ommadon, they must seek out a human hero with the power to stop him. Carolinus sends this request to the Fates. They, in turn, select Peter, who is, of all things, a man of science.

Originally an animated film, this new incarnation will include a special live-action trailer before it is released as a live-action feature in individual parts. This ambitious and passionate project adapted from the speculative natural history book The Flight of Dragons, as well as The Dragon and the George, stars legendary Seattle actor Andrew Tribolini (“A/V”) in the starring role of Carolinus.

Joining him is a talented crew including Emmy Award-winning composer Carl Johnson (“Piglet’s Big Movie”), visual effects artist Mikhail E. Merkurieff (“Age of the Dragons”), cinematographer Connor Hair (“5th Street”), as well as acclaimed fantasy artist Christos Achilleos (“Willow”) to create concept designs for the creatures. A couple folks who contributed to the 1982 film are contributing their time and work as well, including artist Wayne Anderson and composer Maury Laws.

“The Flight of Dragons” is written by Jesse Stipek.

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