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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Agent Carter Season 02 Episodes 06 & 07

February 17th, 2016 by Todd Black Comments

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In a special (that I almost forgot) two-hour event, Agent Carter once again showed the power of fast paced storytelling, all the while focusing on the many great characters the show is known for.

With “Life of the Party/Monsters” we got to see a great advancement of the overall plot. One that had numerous twists along the way. The first half dealt with trying to save Wilkes, who was apparently fading into the realm of the Zero Matter, a scary thought indeed. To save himself, he needed a small fragment of the Zero Matter…of which Whitney Frost was in sole possession now.

With Peggy injured (remember, not a hero, just a very special agent!), and Sousa an easy mark, it was up to Jarvis and a returning Dottie to get the sample they needed. Dottie was a fun part of Season 01 of Agent Carter, and her return was very enjoyable. From her one-liners, to her fancy moves, it was a great showing all around.

That’s not to say there wasn’t other good character spots here. From Ana beginning to worry about what danger Jarvis might get into, to the shocking, and haunting, “removal” of much of the Council by Whitney. Including killing her own husband! It was all good stuff. And that’s not even mentioning what almost happened with Sousa and Peggy in the van.

Another surprise was the return of Thompson, who seems to be fully on board with what Masters is up to, and is bent on getting in with him…or at least that’s how it appears. His warning to Peggy was very good, as it’s very true as we would soon find out.

With Frost now in charge of the Council, the sample received, but Dottie taken, “Monsters” showed us the immediate fallout. And it was good! Wilkes starting to succumb to the Zero Matter was very haunting, as it’s corrupting influence can affect even the strongest of wills. But then to have him restored somewhat was a good relief.

But then Jarvis and Peggy went to go save Dottie, who had had chats with both Vernon and Whitney…with two very different results. Whitney’s powers were the true star of this event, and she showed just how powerful, and terrifying, she is. To make Dottie crack is a true feat, and she did it in seconds.

Peggy and Jarvis2

The rescue was hilarious inside and out. From Jarvis using the wrong code…only to figure out what the wrong code did…to realizing who the trap was for, it was all well played.

Ana getting shot was heartbreaking, though it’s very unlikely that she’ll die, it was still very motivating. Jarvis was an MVP in this episode, as he got to show his cavalier side in the missions, his BFF side as he talked with Peggy about her “suitor” situation, and then concerned husband when Ana was in danger. These actors know how to play their roles.

There were some odd scenes. Sousa getting beat up was weird, even though it did lead to Masters taking over his post. That’ll definitely play out good.

We’re nearly to the end of Season 02, and Agent Carter isn’t letting up. Here’s hoping the fun continues!

4.5 out of 5 nerds

4.5 out of 5 nerds

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