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WATCH: John Wick mythos grows with cool fan film

February 17th, 2017 by bash Comments

The legend of Jon Wick continues to grow with the release of the second film recently.

Now we have a cool fan film to add to the roster of content wither out there or likely to come in future months and years.

John Wick Origins: Kirill comes from the mind of Paul Drechsler-Martell. In it we witness the day that Kirill (the bodyguard protector of Russian crime boss Viggo Tarssov) had to prove himself while out on assignment, making an exchange with some gangsters that intended to double crossTarssov, keeping the goods and money for themselves.

Unfortunately, the gangsters don’t know who it is they’re messing with, while we get to see some (unofficial) backstory of how Kirill became a killer equal in deadly skill to John.

While the film may not have the most sophisticated special effects it definitely has the John Wick fight choreography down to a tee.

Check it out above.

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