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WATCH: Star Wars: The Clone Wars German bonus content trailer

February 9th, 2014 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Your first look at the German-language TV trailer for Star Wars : The Clone Wars bonus material episodes airing on Super RTL beginning next Saturday. Unless you speak German it’s tough to tell what the characters are saying, but plenty of glimpses into the action coming up in these final 13 “Lost Missions” of The Clone Wars.

Thanks to Jedi News we’ve got a translation.

“Offscreen Clone: For the first Time on TV

 Sidious: It seems you’re believing it’s a result of our programming

 Dooku: Yes, my Lord

 Off/Clone: The never shown Episodes of the 6th season

 Dooku: And the Jedi don’t assume anything yet!

 Sidious: Good!

 Shaak Ti: We should be more the careful…

 Mace Windu: …at the end we may find out that more clones are turning against us!

 Clone: There is a conspiracy against the Jedi in the making!

 Offscreen Clone: When the galaxy calls we are there…

 Palpatine: We must turn our attention to the ongoing war!

 Offscreen Clone: Star Wars The Clone Wars, Saturday 8:15 pm, exclusive on SuperRTL.”

 Source: Jedi News

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