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What are the best Chance-based Online Games?

July 31st, 2015 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

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For centuries, so-called games of chance have entertained entire generations of people around the world. These games, which retain elements of gameplay that exist outside of the player’s immediate control, tend to be casual in their nature and offer a relatively even playing field for competition.

This has changed recently; however, as while these games remain popular they have become increasingly competitive and lucrative in their nature. This is thanks primarily to the rise of online gaming and outlets such as the Betfair casino , which offer live video representations of the world’s most iconic games of chance.

With this in mind, here are three of our favourite games of chance for the modern age:

Online Bingo

In the online gaming realm, bingo has arguably made the most seamless transition. This is the ultimate game of chance, while its online evolution has created a wide and diverse range of variations for players to enjoy. Despite this, the classic gaming patterns that underpin bingo remain unchanged, as players are required to mark a random number sequence on their game cards until they have crossed out all of their digits. Despite the opportunistic nature of the game, however, there is ample opportunity for players to succeed so long as they can display considerable hand-eye coordination and numerical sharpness.

Slot Machine Gaming

Another ultimate example of random gaming, traditional slot machines continue to offer opportunists the chance to win throughout the UK. These titles are now available online, too, with video slots adding tremendous diversity to a fun and exciting market. Traditional fruit machine games have also been replicated online, meaning that there is something to suit both new and older playing demographics. This game is essentially based on the generation of random sequences across either three or five reels, while the majority offer a relatively competitive pay-out rate of between 96% and 98%.

Video Poker

This may be a controversial addition to the list, as many continue to reiterate that poker represents a challenging game of skill. While it hard to overestimate the role that psychology, research and strategy play in succeeding at poker, the game still relies on some degree to the random hands that are dealt to each player. Even allowing for the fact that individual players can attempt to bluff others and win with inadequate hands, this is not a sustainable strategy that can be maintained for a prolonged period of time.










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