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Why We Love Marvel Super Heroes

April 13th, 2018 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Ever since Iron Man dropped back in 2008 (after 18 movies!) Marvel has been the dominant in the cinematic universe even when considering how successful the Dark Knight franchise was.

All in all, DC movies have been out performed both critically and commercially.

So why do Marvel movies outdo DC?

According to a new study from ZappiStore results have shown the audiences can actually emotionally engage more with the Marvel superheroes’, and this makes all the difference to the choice of what we prefer to watch.

The study had several movie trailers viewed by participants both from Marcel and DC and used facial coding with an emotional recognition software (Affectiva) that monitored the emotional reactions to each of the trailers.  The software could also tell how much the respondents loved the trailer and how much they became involved with it as well as how likely they would be to share the trailer on social media sites.

The results showed that DC trailers got great responses from the special effects and the explosions and action rather than form the characters themselves. The Marvel movie trailers has positive responses to the humour, the jokes and all had a higher level of emotional reaction and engagement with the characters.

For instance, the most well received trailer was Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy 2 with 78 percent of the viewers saying they loved it. The trailer was full of humour, great characters and was set to an all-time classic song (Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain)

The next favourite trailer was Marvel’s Avengers Civil War followed by DC’s Justice League and Batman vs Superman coming in next.

It’s not surprising then that game developers try to create an engaging character that will appeal to many people and if we take a look at the popular slots game Gonzo’s Quest by NetEnt we can see why it has become one of the most popular in its genre.

The game is beautifully designed, and the main character (Gonzo) is inspired from the famed conquistador Gonzalo Pizzaro who happens upon some ancient Peruvian ruins. The introductions is smooth and sleek and sets the scene for this unique game.

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